Working with Brand Owners for a Higher Sales Conversion Rate 

Hello, my name is Carol Hazel, I am the owner of Valley Buys, LLC.

Our Mission Statement

At Valley Buys, LLC, we strongly believe in using The Golden Rule in everything we do. We are a service based family-owned company that helps Brands (manufacturers) increase their product conversion rate when we improve their listing page. At Valley Buy, LLC we believe in the value of a relationship. We view every Brand relationship like a partnership and truly believe that one reason for your sales success is a result of our success on the Amazon platform representing your Brand. We are committed to providing close personal attention to your Brand.                       We'll never charge you for any of our services. 

Take Advantage of Our Experience

Many Brand Manufacturers are focused on making a great product and running their company, but not as much focused on perfecting their Amazon online listing page. At Valley Buys, LLC we have many years experience in the development of listing pages at Amazon, boosting those product listing pages to a much higher landing page conversion rate when we make the needed changes to the page.

Listed below are some of the listing improvements we offer Brands that we have a contract with. 

● Keywords        

● Bullet Points


● Description

● Photos


● Increase Product Reviews 

● Sometimes we can even have negative product reviews removed


When changes like those are made to the Amazon listing page then the Amazon A9 algorithm is raised, which will raise the product ranking, making your Brand much easier for your customers to find and purchase your product(s)We offer this powerful service at no cost to the Brand. As an Amazon FBA product seller, we aren't interested in just buying your product for resale. We're interested in growing the Brand and protecting that Brand with you. When you entrust us by granting us the privilege of buying your products wholesale we protect your Brand by not offering the product in a "race to the bottom" mentality in pricing, that only devalues your product. Instead, we develope a powerful listing page that shows the customers why the product is actually worth the price it's being offered at. Which makes our service a very valuable asset to your Brand. So, please allow us to perfect your Amazon product listing page, which will showcase your Brand in a meaningful way and bring in even more loyal customers to your Brand than ever before. 

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The Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at 740-567-3622